Palm Oil Processing.

Wear resistance, longer wear life and great performance are all-important when selecting chains for the Palm Oil mill, in order to reduce breakdowns.



This is why Precision Chains are an ideal choice. With our proven track record supplying UK manufactured quality chains to palm oil mills around the world for some 40 years. Our product reliability has proven itself time and time again, making us the first-choice supplier for both major contractors and some of the largest Palm Oil producers.



Utilising the full scope of our UK factory resource, from sophisticated progression tooling in our press shop through to our latest automated CNC machines, our Palm Oil chains represent our significant investment in production efficiency.

A Local Link.

We also operate Precision Chains Malaysia Sdn Bhd – a wholly owned subsidiary based in Malaysia to better serve the South East Asian market. Here technical sales support is provided locally, but all chains are still manufactured in Dudley. Stock is shipped and held in Malaysia in case of breakdowns or the urgent need for replacement chains in the Palm Oil industry.


The applications for which we manufacture chains are EFB Plant, Pressing Station, Kernel Recovery Station, Boiler House, Reception Station, Sterilising Station, Threshing Station, Fresh Fruit Bunch (FFB), Fruit Elevator (FE).

Whilst our most common size chains are based around 6" and 4" in pitch, we are able to manufacture to pitches that match your requirements. For further details and for a copy of our Palm Oil catalogue then please follow the Contact Us button below and complete the enquiry form.