Local manufacture, global reach.

Local and Global support, when and where you need it.

Through a combination of agents and distributors we also ensure that full technical support is provided where and when it matters, along with dedicated technical back-up from here in the UK as required.

We also operate Precision Chains Malaysia Sdn Bhd – a wholly owned subsidiary based in Malaysia to better serve the South East Asian market. From this hub, we are able to help provide sales support quickly and efficiently, with UK manufactured stock held locally to respond quickly to client needs.


UK Manufacture.

Family values are at the very heart of who we are – a UK manufacturer with a global footprint, providing quality chains and peace of mind. We have been a chain manufacturer for 4 generations and are based within the heart of the Black-Country, an engineering and manufacturing hub for 100's of years.

We tirelessly work to tailor our products to your needs, we promise the right chains at the right price at the right time, wherever in the world you are.


Join our team.

The right local support is a crucial component in ensuring that business relationships are made and maintained for generations. If you are interested in strengthening our international network, or would like more information on who to contact in your region then please email global@precision-chains.com with your request.