High standards, bespoke design

We work for diverse industries worldwide. The heart of Precision Chains’ business is manufacturing standard conveyor chains to industry standards, to existing designs or, where required, manufacturing a bespoke solution.


We pride ourselves on responding quickly to your needs, gaining an understanding of precisely what you require and providing a solution that offers the highest quality, at the best value.



As a manufacturer we not only produce conveyor chains to both British and ISO Standards, we add something extra. Any chain, bespoke or otherwise, that we have manufactured previously is deemed to be a standard chain, recognising the investment we’ve made in tooling and engineering. This gives us more flexibility and you more reassurance that we can respond quickly to your needs, wherever in the world you are.



Chains can be made with any combination of attachments, specialist rollers or coatings and our technical sales department will be able to offer advice as required.

Industries that choose our chains include:



Escalator Step Chain

OilSugar CaneTheme Parks
Water FiltrationSewage TreatmentBreweries
Car AssemblyPot Ash ElevatorsFurnace conveyors
Grain ScrapersSwarf ConveyorsCement Elevator
Steel ProductionGas bottle FillingIngot Casting
Ocean Cable LayingNickel Shot ElevatorsMushroom Farming
Bakery ChainTimber ProcessingCoal Mining
Sugar BeetHeavy Duty conveyingOilfield Chain



Precision Chains increasingly secure business within our loyal customer base where we are the supplier of choice. However, we have recently seen an upsurge in new customers who demanded chains of uncompromising quality and made Precision Chains their first choice.