Theme Parks.

Helping you to stay on Track.

Precision Chains are committed to applying our knowledge and expertise across a wide market base, and this diversity has allowed us to confidently work within the Theme Park and entertainment industries.

Our skilful manufacturing processes have allowed us to proudly cater to such a unique market. Providing solutions to any pulling or chain lift requirements our clients may have.



 INCH6.00 1.62 dia1.15 dia 0.55 dia 7.92 5.75 2.75 2.56 1.50 2.41 1.50 0.39 


 We will never compromise quality and strive to put Safety First.


Our chains are built to very close manufacturing tolerances and are put under rigorous quality control along every stage of our production process.

We aim to provide cost effective solutions, but upon completion, samples can be pushed to their breaking limits, using local break-test facilities just down the road from our manufacturing centre.

Giving our clients peace of mind that the finished product will meet their strictest of requirement.



 When we say were the best, we're not just taking you for a ride!


  • Supreme performance under high and shock loads
  • proven reliability on leisure rides in theme parks around the world
  • Excellent value for money
  • Rigorous Testing and Quality Control
  • Optional Self lubricated pins.
  • Attachment links where needed and specified
  • Excellent chain longevity and working capability.


    Zinc Coating on Components.

    We offer Zinc Coating on all our components to help reduce rust formation, helping in a variety of conveyor chain applications.

    This finishing can be undertaken I either gold or silver finish depending on our clients preference.




     mm 160.036.0 dia 25.0 dia 13.0 dia 71.0 49.0 80.0 70.0 97.0 65.0 95.0 10.0 110.0