Commercial Escalator Step Chain

Precision Chains have been a key player in the Escalator Industry for over 40 years and have been a supplier to some of the largest public transport industries in the UK.

Our knowledge and expertise have been integral to creating a variety of heavy duty bespoke designs, however we also provide Standard Escalator series for use in a variety of commercial Applications.

These chains are usually of simpler design and aren't as heavy duty as some of the other transit conveyors we manufacture however they still come with our quality guarantee, giving you reassurance and peace of mind in your product.



The first of these commercial series is the 13KV. Originally it was manufactured with solid Nylon rollers, however we prefer to supply them with a much more reliable roller wheel, compromising of a nylon Hub but utilising a polyurethane tyre, similar to some of our heavier duty chains where polyurethane tyres have proved overwhelmingly successful.





An alternative style to the original KV series and unlike the 13KV series its roller wheel is not mounted on an axle point. This model of conveyor chain uses solid polyurethane wheels however can be supplied using a polyurethane tyred roller more similar to the 13KV, which offers better performance.


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