Quality is what we stand for.

Drive, pull, push or lift – Precision Chains deliver quality.

60 years ago, Harold Merley began a journey that would link the name Precision Chains with quality around the globe.
Specialists in the manufacture of industry standard chains and also excelling at bespoke solutions, we’re optimised to meet customer requirements. If a chain is needed to drive, pull, push or lift we’ll find a solution.
Unlike many competitors, whatever the job – high-volume repeat production or the most specialised one-off requirement, we put quality and service before profit. A deep understanding of customers’ needs helps keep Precision Chains at the forefront of engineer’s minds.
Within our field, Precision Chains is considered the largest UK manufacturer of chain products.
Everything we produce is designed and manufactured in-house in the heart of England and yet, thanks to a highly-qualified and UK-supported technical sales network, our reach and reputation is worldwide. Approximately 65% of our output is exported.

Quality at heart.

Our commitment to quality is at the heart of all that we do, and it shows:

  • BS ISO 9001:2015 accredited
  • Stringent vendor assessment programme
  • Independent tensile and proof-testing of chains in-house or by an internationally-recognised, NAMAS approved laboratory
  • Documentation procedures for verifying raw material quality, inspecting manufacturing in-house, testing for heat treatment conformity
  • In-house and independent calibration of measuring equipment
Confidence in our company will not be misplaced. You’ll receive the right product to the agreed quality at competitive prices.

Thanks to both our experienced professionals and our young enthusiastic staff, Precision Chains stay ahead of the competition in all that we strive to achieve. We’re well-equipped to meet your requirements and our long term goals.

Rest assured that you’re in safe hands.